Testimonial from Karen

Sent to The Healthy Nest on 9 th June 2017

Well, wow! What a product. I love and use essential oils and have tried all sorts of combinations and potions.

I ordered this for my boy who developed suddenly two huge abscesses on his hind hooves. One blew out the coronet band, one the heel bulb. Both had tracks cut in on the sole by the vet. To say I was nervous about taking off the dressings when I thought they were stopped drawing, was an understatement.

So I covered the vet track entry with hoof rejuve, I painted the whole sole, and the open wounds on the coronet band and the heel.

The next day wow!!! It was dry and clean and impressive healing had taken place. Omg I have never seen anything like it. And stick ability!

After that, a small paddock alteration with his buddy and a fence left him with a very small depth cut running down one side . I thought why not, and used the rest of the jar. Next day, bingo! Dry and no further treatment needed.

So I wish to order some more ! In bulk! But I also want the oil advertised, and am having trouble with finding how to order it.

I want to use it to run around the white line on his hooves, and for any cracks he may develop.

Oh, did I say I love this product. I leant some to my friend with a sick horse with laminitis who had a bedsore. Again, overnight healing!!!

Please help me order more lol!!


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