Rejuvaderm (affectionately known as “itchy goo”) – How will it help??

We all know about having that itchy scalp/skin that then flakes or causes “dandruff”. This is something that happens for both our-selves, and our animals.

We then continue to slather our bodies and hair with all sorts of shampoos and soaps to “solve the problem”, only to find it really doesn’t. And many of these contain nasty chemicals we don’t want on our skin anyway, including parabens and sodium laureth, or lauryl sulfate, which are known eye and skin irritants.

Rejuvaderm is a totally natural product for washing the mane and body of the horse (dog, (human)), to help get the dermas clean and stop the flaking and itching. It can be left on to really get in and do its job, and when you are ready, just rinse off with a nice vinegar rinse. No need for adding conditioner, as the hair is left soft, shiny, and clean.

We have used a beautiful mix of specially considered essential oils, including our trade-mark Mastic, which are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial, beautifully healing mix, to help rejuvenate the dermas. There is no Tea tree in our product, as this can be an irritant for some individuals. The Rejuvaderm is a totally soap free, chemical free, natural cleaning, healing product.

So what causes the problem?

Well, we need to look at this from a few different angles. Remember, what happens on the outside is very often a re-flexion of what is happening on the inside. So, how healthy our digestive system is and what we are putting into it all plays a role. And we will look at that shortly.

Have you heard of a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia globosa, which lives on your scalp, and feeds on the skin oils, and bacteria called Staphylococcus, which also becomes prolific and creates the uncomfortable symptoms?

When this irritation happens, there are, extra skin cells produced, which die and fall off. These mix with the oil from the hair and turn into what we call dandruff.

Maybe for some, it is not enough brushing that can add to the problem. Not aiding the shedding of the skin the brushing provides – specially for the very thick haired breeds/individuals.

Yeast sensitivity can play a role. And we see more of these dermal problems in candida sufferers (think also thrush).

A build up of grooming/ showing products that may not be cleaned out properly or often enough – causing oil build up, irritating sensitive skin – or the chemicals themselves in the products causing irritation.

Mental stress can also play a role in these irritations (that’s a whole other conversation).

Then of course, as I mentioned earlier there is diet.

The skin irritations can also be a sign that you have and imbalance in the fatty acids in your diet. This is a very common problem in our modern diets with the omega -6 being far higher then the omega-3. The ideal ratio being 1:1, we often find it being 20:1 or 50:1 – (that is 6:3).

The primary sources of omega-6 are – corn, soy, canola, safflower, sunflower.

The primary sources of omega-3 FOR HORSES, is their pasture.

Having skin problems with your horses does not necessarily mean they are deficient in omega-3, but could well mean they are getting too much omega-6, among other problems they may have.

So getting a good healthy, balanced diet is a great and very important place to start for getting the rest of the body to function well.

Please remember, what you put on the body goes straight into the blood stream. There is no change for the liver to filter anything out! So this will have an overall affect on the health and balance of the internal system.

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