The types of pain which have been treated successfully with MSM include: Personal injury due to accidents, burns, etc. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia Lower back pains Headaches, migraines Muscle aches Bursitis Tennis elbows and other sports injuries Carpal Syndrome Sclerosis Whiplash RSI (Repititive Strain Injury) Scars due to burns, operations, accidents, etc. The way MSM impacts pain is currently explained by the following mechanisms: MSM is a natural analgetic: it blocks the transfer of pain impulses through nerve fibers (C-fibers). MSM blocks inflammations and inflammatory processes. MSM enhances the activity of cortisol, a natural anti-inflammatory hormone produced by the body. MSM improves the permeability of cell membranes. This improves the uptake of nutrients and many vitamins and the elimination of waste products and excess cellular fluids. MSM dilates bloood vessels, enhancing the blood circulation. This, too, helps to eliminate waste products from the body, which speeds up healing. MSM is a muscle relaxant. This is an important and often overlooked benefit of MSM. Many chronic pains are aggrevated by chronic muscle tension in the body. MSM aids the natural defense mechanisms in the body by regulating the prostaglandin metabolism, and regulates the formation of anitbodies and immune complexes.

MSM 99.6%(Fine) 1 Kg