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What is - Mycoglannan - Toxin Binder - about?


Healthy Horses - Happy Humans

Why do we need Toxin Binders - 

Mycotoxins are produced by moulds and fungi, they can be found in fresh green pastures, hay and any commercial feeds that may not have been well stored. There is the potential for any feed to be contaminated and may contain several strains. This could increase the overall toxicity for your horse.


 Our Mycoglannan toxin binder attaches to the toxins in the horses gut before they have the chance to be absorbed, then they are passed out in their manure before they have a chance to create health problems for your horse. 

  • Itch (Qld itch)                - greasy heel

  • “sun burn”                    - head throwing

  • scabs                           - colic

  • string halt/ staggers     - stable cough/ persistent. 

And still more………


 Due to the production techniques, Mycoglannan material is one of the most consistent and effective MOS on the market.


  • promotes a healthy gut flora

  • acts as a toxin binder

  • acts as a pre-biotic

  • boosts the immune system, supporting natural defence

  • may increase the amount of maternal antibodies in the colostrum

  • will not bind to other nutrients or medications

  • slows glucose uptake, increases insulin sensitivity


As more research results are published overseas, and the list of pathogens controlled by Mycoglannan material increases, it is being mooted that the product will eventually replace the antibiotics used as growth stimulants.


Who can use Mycoglannan - 

Equine, dairy/cattle, pigs, poultry/birds, aquaculture, companion animals……….


Working towards the Ultimate - Gut/Brain/Body health.

Mycoglannan is produced from the cell walls of inactivated baker’s

yeast (SaccharomycesCerevisiae) which has been grown by

non-­‐alcohol fermentation. The yeast cell walls are ruptured, extracted

by centrifuge and then washed, dried and pasteurized.


Additional Benefit of Toxin Binders -


There is a second benifit from this product. The outer cell wall contains mannan protiens that can not be digested by the  horses gut, but acts as a prebiotic for the good bacteria in the gut. The good bacteria then grow quickly, providing defence against bad bacteria.


For more indepth information please see: Mycoglannan Information Link

Further reading, please go to


Ready to Buy Mycoglannan Toxin Binder -


  1 kg - $ 32





  3 kg - $ 80






  5 kg - $ 120




   20 kg available. Please call for price and to place order -


     Ph : 07 4698 2055




Suggested use: Maintenance rate during low risk conditions : 20gm per feed


Manufacturers Statement: No raw material used in the preparation of this product contains any product of animal origin. All materials used in the preparation of the product are GMO free. This product generally complies with current Food standards and Regulations and any subsequent amendments.


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