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      Magnesium Flakes


Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate 98% MgCl2.6H20 (min 47% MgCl2) Salt flakes


Does this sound like your Horse?


Some common signs of magnesium deficiency: 

  • Nervous,anxious temperament 

  • sudden shying at familiar objects

  • Violent pulling back when tied 

  • Dislike of grooming 

  • Aggression towards owner or herd mates

  • restless under saddle

  • Poor hoof quality, footsore without shoes or boots on  hard or rough ground

  • laminitis

  • insulin resistance with heavy chest

More Information on Magnesium 

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For full use and benifits of magnesium please see - 



 Buy Magnesium -


     1 kg - $30





     3 kg - $75






       5  kg - $110




  20 kg available via phone order - Ph: 07 4698 2055







Mag Anchor 1


 Magnesium Body Lotion

   Naturally - Natures Best

Magnesium Body Lotion - pump pack - 100gm




MAGNESIUM BODY LOTION - pump pack - 100gm


3packs for $50.00

All the benifits of transdermal magnesium chloride in a beautiful light, supurbly natural moisturising body lotion.


This lotion has been designed to complament all skin types. The Jojoba mimics our skins own sebum, and can also dissolve it, making it useful for acne. It is a versitile and balancing oil being indicated also for dry, psoriasis,eczema, sunburned skins, and nappy rash. Jojobas myristic acid also has anti inflammatory properties making it great for rheumatism and arthritis.


Apricot oil is very light, and easily absorpted. Great for sensitive skins, inflammation, and dryness. Contains minerals, vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids.


The natural preservatives are derived from olives, and the Vitamin E is a non soy product.


We have stayed away from high estrogen oils and product, as our body's have enough to proccess daily already without adding to the burden. This also is partly why we have not used essential oils in our product. 


Essential oils are one of natures medicines, and should be treated as such. Much care should be taken when using them, and they may not be just what you personally need at the time. 


The magnesium we have used in this product comes from the Zechstein Sea. It has been independently tested as having no heavy metals. 


1 Tblsp = approx 480mg elemental magnesium.

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