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Personalised Flower Essence  Remedies.
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Aiding Emotional and Physical Healing

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 The ABFE & Bach flower remedies work on a vibrational level which allows our life forces to flow more freely and restore harmony to the body.


Although we understand the essences are not for direct physical illness, in treating the negative emotions and thoughts, the worries and anxiety, by choosing the remedies that match the patients current state of mind and temperament, we can start to heal the physical illness. 

The essences, working on a vibrational level, allow harmony to be restored to the body and mind.

So, how does this benefit me? How does this benefit my horse?

As illness is caused by blockages of negative thoughts and beliefs, we need to allow a flooding of positive thoughts, beliefs and virtues - love, courage, faith, understanding, forgiveness, joy etc - to restore and rebalance our soul and our spirit. when the rebalancing takes place, the blockages dissolved, our bodies and spirit can have the strength and courage to start to heal.

What reflection are we seeing?

We know the reflection of ourselves we see in our horse as we are working with them - Or do we?

 Many times we ask “what is wrong with my horse”, when the real question is “what is wrong with me”. A very old horseman I worked with many years ago used to say to me, when I complained of the problems I was having with my mare - “have you looked in the mirror this morning Sharon?” - much to my frustration, he was right. 


Find that spiritual connection

Lets find the harmony - Our horses deserve for us to be strong, take responsibility for our own emotions and help them to be able to connect with us. 


Take the journey together. 

To get the full benefit - When you fill in the form for your horse, you also need to fill in a form for yourself. You need to be very thoughtful and be able to separate what you are feeling and what you are observing in your horse. 

There will be similarities and reflections, I would be concerned if there were not. But be thoughtful not to put your own emotion as your horses.................... 

A true remedy for emotional, environmental, stresse and trauma emergencies - A must have in every kit.

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**Whether using Bach or ABF, these essence have a calming effect on the mind, body and emotions, during minor and major crisis - quickly easing fear, panic, mental or physical stress, nervous tension and pain. If specialised medical treatment is needed, it is said these essence will provide comfort until treatment arrives.**

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